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As you can see there methods are shockingly quick. But with the correct fitting and insurance approved locks for your door,this can be prevented.Do not just take our word for it.I personally advise anyone with concerns to look for this information themselves.The Internet is flooded with security weakness videos. 10 minutes on you-tube will show you more than enough. If you feel at all concerned that you are not protected then seek further information on the subject via the Police or other local authorities. When the times comes that you think you need your locks changed, then we will be there to help and advise you every step of the way.

Local newspapers reported on a burglar that had broken into properties in neighbouring towns and villages recently. He used the technique called snapping shown above. You may want to consider a survey of your locks to determine if they are in fact protected from this kind of crime. We have seen some cases of anti-snap still being at risk if fitted incorrectly. If they hold a kite mark they me be anti bump, or anti drill or both. But it may not be anti-snap.And the security market is ever changing as they compete against the criminals.Your lock maybe only 5 years old, but 5 years is a long time where security is concerned. TS 007 is the new rating for cylinders and protective door furniture in the ever evolving security world.BS-3621 is the kite mark standard you should hold on your external mortrice or sash locks.

Also if your have recently purchased a property or are renting. It is worth looking at your locks to make sure they are first and foremost safe. But also consider who may have a spare key.Handymen, Gardner's, agents, or lost keys.Or you may have a business that a employee has left,who used to be a key holder.What ever the scenario we can help.

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