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What DS Locksmiths offers is a full locksmith service that is fully mobile. Meaning we can let you back in,should you get locked out. Retrieve that damaged broken key from your lock or replace a lock should you require it, and cut extra or replacement keys there and then. But we also cater for works that can be booked to suit you and schedule. Such as lock changes, additional locks and insurance upgrades or any other security requirements. With all of this you can expect a friendly and reliable service that is professional and tries at best, to put ourselves in the shoes of the customer. Hoping that we therefore give you great customer service and help you through, whatever the problem maybe.

Additionally, we don't have the draw backs of being part of a large national call centre or national company. Simply put, we don't have to pay for the lead to the job. Meaning the saving comes back to you the customer,because you have called us direct. We just price for labour and materials depending on the situation at hand. With totally open honest pricing that has no hidden fees. On the whole this can sometimes make the independent locksmith 35-40% cheaper than that of the national call centre.We also have the benefits of the same sort of savings for key cutting services than that of the high street stores.

You will find this information on most independent locksmiths sites who are not affiliated with national call centres or paying to receive leads. You will know someone who has had a locksmith who has turned up with his drill in hand and a cheap low grade lock in his van. He has no intention of getting you in quick with no damage. He will drill the lock, fit a new cheap wholesale one,and charge as if he's provided you with a specialist service, and a speciality lock.He has to do this to keep his costs down due to the amount he pays for the national company finding him the job.I have never and will never fit a standard security lock on a external door to someone business or home. I would like to say that this is not the case of all nationally affiliated locksmiths as there are some that just prefer to work this way rather than find the work themselves and are very good at what they do.

We are fully insured having locksmith public liability,that covers additionally for the failure of locking mechanism. And we are also more than happy to show identification and certificates where required.

We also have the ability to take payment on-site by Apple pay,Visa, Master card, Maestro, American express, and we have a contact less payment facility.


Why don't you click on our Lock Types page to more information and give us a call if you still are not sure.

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